About Us

We work with you, your family, and other providers to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and reach your potential.

  • Natalie Friedrich, PhD

    Photo of Dr. Friedrich

    Dr. Friedrich is a licensed psychologist in the state of Texas and founder of Luminous Psychology. Dr. Friedrich received her doctoral degree in Combined Clinical & Counseling Psychology (CCP) from the University of South Alabama and master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi.

    Having received her doctorate in a combined-integrated program, Dr. Friedrich has been trained to provide the most effective types of psychological care for individuals of all ages, families, and communities, and has a set of competencies that enables her to work successfully with a variety of professionals to promote health and treat mental disorders.

  • who we are

    Luminous Psychology takes pride in providing effective care to individuals through collaborating with other professionals and implementing empirically-supported principles of psychological assessment, diagnosis, therapeutic relationship, and interventions. We are committed to providing the most effective and evidence-based types of psychological care for individuals of all ages.

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  • What we offer

    Feeling like you are capable of much more than you have to show for it and failing to reach your potential can lead to exhaustion and self-defeat. This is problematic because it can result in poor self-esteem, lack of motivation, anxiety, and many other negative feelings. It is often difficult for people to figure out exactly what they need help with and how to improve in that area on their own.

    That is why it is beneficial to find a psychologist in whom you can relate to and feel comfortable with and provide you with the appropriate care you need to reach your potential. Through the use of evaluation and therapy, you will learn what your individual strengths and weaknesses are, how to cater to your strengths while improving your weaknesses, and start your journey to reaching your potential.

  • Meaning Behind the Luminous Name

    By definition, Luminous means “reflecting glowing light; shining; clear/enlightening, especially in the dark,” and Psychology means “the study of the human mind and it’s functions; mental characteristics/attitude of a person.” At Luminous Psychology, we work with our clients through evaluation and therapy to help them discover and understand their individual strengths and weakness so that they may reach their potential. We believe that everyone has potential, regardless of history or current circumstance, but may need a little light to be shown to actually see that path of potential.